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Sedna was born and continues today based on three main values that guide our philosophy of life.


Sedna is much more than sailing, it's a lifestyle. We design the best boats in Brazil because we are passionate about what we do.

We live life as well as our clients, enjoying the best of the sea on a Sedna.


Adventure is our nature, we design boats that are a reference in quality, with the best construction processes, pioneering vacuum infusion and the best in technology and safety.

Each boat has the DNA that only Sedna has, the guarantee of providing the best of the sea.


Sedna was born out of a dream, to experience the best the sea can offer in a boat that overcomes any challenge, comfortably and safely.

We design the most desirable boats in the Sport Fishing segment, and in 2018, we brought this quality to Yachts.

Proud to be 100% from Brazil!

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR HISTORY? Go to: OUR HISTORY and check out our history and the reasons to trust us.


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